ROMAN Calibration Reference Data System (CRDS)


Operational References (under context roman_0058.pmap)


roman_wfi_0056.imap      Toggle N/A

area ---- Area

dark ---- Dark

distortion ---- Distortion

flat ---- Flat Field

gain ---- Gain image

inverselinearity ---- Inverse Linearity

ipc ---- Interpixel Capacitance

linearity ---- Linearity coefficients

mask ---- Bad Pixel Mask

photom ---- Photom

readnoise ---- Read Noise

refpix ---- Reference Pixels

saturation ---- Saturation Threshhold

Context History (more history, all contexts)

Start Date Context Status Description
2024-05-01 roman_0058.pmap operational Delivering new 16 resultant dark reference files for MA Table 110 for DMS testing.
2024-04-02 roman_0057.pmap archived The Roman WFI flat rmap is being updated such that each flat reference file applies to all imaging filters, rather than just F158.
2024-02-07 roman_0056.pmap archived New dark reference file for WFI spectral GRISM mode for romancal testing of 16 resultant data
2024-02-06 roman_0055.pmap archived This is a new 16 resultant dark reference file to support Build 13 using a new read pattern for testing purposes. Updating read noise reference file for development of romancal and updating flagged inverse linearity reference files from DCL data.